Free ATMs provides a wide variety of services across the Meridian area including:

ATM Placement

Meridian, MS ATM Services

Our most popular option. We buy the machine, we install the machine, ALL at no cost to you. This option provides the least amount of surcharge but it provides easy access to cash for your Meridian, MS customers

ATM Partnership

Dispensary ATM Services in Meridian, MS

You buy a machine from us in Meridian, MS, we service the machine with our cash. You collect less surcharge but we do all the work to keep the machine monitored and stocked with cash.


Dispensary ATMs 

Marijuana Dispensary ATM Services Meridian, MS

Dispensaries can benefit from increased cash flow provided by our Dispensary ATM Services. For your Meridian, MS dispensary, Free ATMs is the Dispensary ATM Services provider for you!

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