Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Install the ATM at My Business? What is the Fee?
We have several options to get you an ATM. With our ATM placement option there is no cost to the business owner, We buy, install, and maintain the ATM all for free.
Do I have to Buy an ATM, or Can I Rent One?

You don’t have to pay any money for an ATM, but if you are interested in buying or renting a machine we have options for you! ATM Rentals are included under short-term options mainly catered to pop-up events, music events, and temporary flea markets. We provide mobile ATMs for events contact us for more details.

Will you be available if the ATM breaks to fix it? or do you just install them?
We have techs available for service and repair of the ATMs. If we place our own ATM we handle all repairs and maintenance. If you purchase your own ATM we will evaluate your included warranty coverage for free to get your repair costs to zero or as low as possible.
Should I have an ATM in a Dispensary?

Every dispensary has an ATM, if your dispensary does not your competitors do. We have the highest withdrawal limits and the lowest surcharge fees for our dispensary customers. We provide backup options for redundant internet as well as multiple ATMs for high-traffic locations.

Will getting an ATM be Profitable for my Business?
We have options to get you an ATM for free, so any money you make from the ATM is profit, but an important aspect to consider is that an ATM will provide more cash to your business, lowering your credit card fees, as well as increased foot traffic increasing your revenue.
Do you Offer Bitcoin ATMs?
Yes, we provide ATMs where your customers can buy and sell bitcoin.
Do you have Safer ATM Options for Outside Use?
We offer outdoor ATMs, especially for mobile events. It is always better to place ATMs indoors when the option is available. All of our ATMs are GPS tracked and mounted securely.
Do You Offer Merchant Services?
We provide full-service business solutions. Along with the Free ATMs, we can provide you with credit card terminals, integrated POS systems, and on-site training as needed.
Can we Get Credit Card Terminals with ATMs?

With Free ATMs we do provide you with credit card processing terminals if you need them. Our credit card terminals are up to date and offer you the best security with encryption to keep your client information safe. We offer newer technology to comply with digital forms of payment such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

Do you Offer POS Systems?
Yes, we have options for integrated POS systems and on-site training as needed.

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